Prometheus Medical Technologies is an innovator and developer of medical products for the pre-hospital emergency and military markets as well as the general professional healthcare market.

The team at Prometheus Medical Technologies (Prometheus MedTech) has amassed an extensive network of industry leading collaborators and partners throughout their careers. This network enables Prometheus MedTech to develop its own branded products and to consult or partner with other individuals or companies to bring products to market.

Prometheus MedTech is part of the Prometheus Medical Group that has operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway,  South Africa, Australia and Middle-East which further enables us to also offer ‘local’ support for appropriate business expansion opportunities. Our team’s advantage lies in the in-depth knowledge, experience and credibility within the markets we serve which ensures that we can offer our clients the best tailored solution to their needs.

Whatever sector you belong to or service you are looking for Prometheus MedTech is well positioned and modelled to work successfully with you.