Prometheus DeltaTech launches Russell PneumoFix™

The complete chest needle decompression solution has arrived.

Prometheus DeltaTech Ltd, an innovator and developer of medical products for the pre-hospital emergency and military markets as well as the general professional healthcare market announced today (30 April 2014) the launch of the Russell PneumoFix™.

The Russell PneumoFix™ is a sterile decompression needle designed for the treatment of tension pneumothorax, simple pneumothorax, and pleural effusion by appropriately trained medical professionals.  Designed by clinicians and de-engineered for simplicity and effectiveness of use the Russell PneumoFix™ provides a cost-effective, intuitive solution to allow the management of pneumothorax to be dealt with quickly and effectively for the benefit of the patient.

The DeltaTech team is vastly experienced at evaluating ideas and bringing those ideas judged suitable to market.  We are fortunate to have on call a team of product development experts, including clinicians, end-users and regulatory experts that allow us quickly assess an idea and its suitability for partnership.  If you are an end user of medical products and believe you have an idea for a novel product but don’t know what to do next please contact us at