Business Partnerships

Through Prometheus Medical Technologies, the Prometheus Medical Group offers many business and partnership opportunities. Through our exclusive team and extended network we can supplement your business needs with our specialist services. These services enable the development, validation and execution of better business and product strategies, enabling your organization to grow, compete and operate within many business sectors. We offer three broad areas of opportunities to partner or work with us;

Emergency Medicinal Consultancy

Major incident, crisis, disaster – Preparation for such eventualities is the key to your organisation taking command and control of any medical crisis situation especially if the major incident occurs on foreign soil – it could be the difference between life and death.

Medical Needs Risk Assessment and Operations Planning – Prometheus specialises in assessing the medical needs of any given population, particularly those in a hostile environment. We have extensive experience in the planning for overseas medical operations and major expeditions to remote areas and the delivery of medical care that this entails. Our experience is equally relevant to operational planning at a local, regional and national level.

Needs/Risk Assessment and Evacuation Planning – A comprehensive medical needs risk assessment and emergency evacuation plan is key to successful crisis management, especially if the major incident occurs on foreign soil. Prometheus can help you with the development and tactical implementation of this plan resulting in rapid recovery of staff and other stakeholders. Disaster, Crisis and Major Incident Planning and Medical Response

Product Technical Consultancy

Our team has a proven track record in all aspects of medical products and technology. We will work with you to implement a strategic cost-effective approach to bringing your product to market. Whether this involves preparing and submitting regulatory filings with you or lending expert clinical knowledge to your development process we are positioned to assist in a flexible and tailored manner.

International Business Expansion

With extended offices in United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Qatar we offer timely, actionable intelligence and distribution infrastructure to our clients in the international medical business sector. Our individual businesses have been built locally and our established presence and trust, along with our local knowledge in diverse cultures, allows us to help others expand in an expedited manner internationally. We can offer B2B partnerships that are make use of our already in place international network.

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