The Prometheus Medical Group has to date developed its own brand products such as the Russell Chest Seal, the Prometheus Pelvic Splint and the Prometheus Team-8 Stretcher.  Each of these products brings enhancements and improvements over competing products enabling Prometheus to only put its name to the finest available products.

Another common feature in the development of these products is that all were created with valuable input from end users. End-user input is invaluable in the development of our products and using such strategic development enables Prometheus to only bring value-adding, high quality products to market.

We currently have many products in development and we continue to follow the philosophy of only bringing products with improvements over the competition to market.  Our far-reaching links to an array of prehospital, military, academic, hospital and industrial partners enable us develop products with advanced technical expertise.  Please check back for details of new products developed by us.

If you are an end user of medical products and believe you have an idea for a novel product but don’t know what to do next please see our For the Inventor in YOU section.