Have an idea for a medical product? Everyone has an idea for a product in them fighting to get out. Developing medical products is a multifaceted process that needs to account for a myriad of essential requirements such as meeting unmet end user needs, regulatory essentials, product design & IP issues. Other considerations such as manufacturing limitations, and the demands of the healthcare end user for the low cost, high quality and improving patient care product also need to be catered for.

DeltaTech is the R&D innovation hub within Prometheus Medical Technologies is vastly experienced at evaluating ideas and bringing those ideas judged suitable to market.  We are fortunate to have on call a team of product development experts, including clinicians, end-users and regulatory experts that allow us quickly assess an idea and its suitability for partnership.

Involving us in the evolution of your idea allows you to tap into a unique innovation, manufacturing supply chain and sales & distribution network that will enable expedited product to end-user realisation.  Our team takes the burden off your shoulders on how to make that idea a product.  At all times this process will be transparent and equitable and your idea will be treated with the utmost respect and in confidence. Supporting each other, we will achieve more than we could do alone.

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